Do you feel clear on who you are and what you want?

Or do you feel unclear, unsure, unfocused… directionless even? 

Do you feel you put everyone else’s needs and wants before your own? That you’ve been living so long with a constant to-do list racing through your mind, you can’t remember how it feels to think clearly? 

Maybe you feel like you aren’t accomplishing anything – not to the standard you know you’re capable of. Your life looks good on paper, but – if you’re totally honest – you sometimes wonder how you’ve ended up feeling so flat and unfulfilled. 

You know you want more, but you aren’t clear on what needs to change or how to go about it. 

How would it feel to have clarity on what matters to you most? To be clear on what you want and to feel confident in what needs to change and how to move forwards; to feel there is limitless potential; that you’re fully supported to achieve whatever you want?

If this sounds good, then my new programme, Design Your Future could be for you. 

I’m Rebecca, and I’m on a mission to get women like you to see limitless potential, so that they feel free to be their most magnificent selves and do whatever they want. Find out more about what I do here.

Design Your Future

What is it?

Design Your Future is a programme of four video classes and accompanying workbook intended to get you crystal clear on what you really want out of life. 

The sessions allow you the time and space away from your day-to-day life and busy-ness to think freely and creatively about the future you want for yourself and help you step immediately towards it and the person you want to be – the person you’re meant to be.

what's covered

Session 1: Who are you?

I guide you through exercises to get you thinking deeply about: 

  • How you’re feeling about all facets of your life
  • What’s working (and what’s not)
  • What matters to you most and what this means

Session 2: Intention setting

All about how you want your future to look and feel. Helping you to define intentions to get you taking immediate action headed confidently in the direction of the future you’ve envisioned.

Session 3: Visualisation & Vision Boarding

I share how visualisation and vision boarding can powerfully focus your attention on your intentions at a neural level and give you instructions on how to create and make use of your own vision board. 

Session 4: EFT

EFT (emotional freedom technique) or tapping with holistic healing practitioner and spiritual counsellor, Susannah Lee of Guided Therapies. EFT can help with moving past limiting beliefs and emotional blocks, replacing them with new beliefs that support you. In this video we tap on fear of failure and fear of being judged negatively.

How is the programme delivered?

All sessions are prerecorded, online and accessible forever with downloadable transcripts. 
You’ll have access to an accompanying downloadable workbook containing prompts and activities to complete.

Who is it for?

Whether you’re a business owner, freelancer, at home raising children, working a 9-5 or anything and everything in between, this is for you.

 Design Your Future is for anyone interested in interrogating what they want – in business and/or life – and coming away with immediate ideas for how to start living the future they envision right away.

What will you gain? What will you take away?

  • Clarity on what matters to you most, what needs to shift, what you want more of and your dream vision for your future.
  • You’ll finish the programme feeling enlightened, energised and excited for your future with the understanding that what’s to come is entirely in your hands.



Anything else?

For further information or to ask any questions, please contact rebecca@rebeccacaution.com.