hey, I'm Rebecca, life and business coach and mentor .

It’s my mission to help restless rebels write their own rules, expand into who they really are and thrive; in life and in business.

My own personal development journey was kicked off by the combination of my experiences giving birth to my two children, practising Transcendental Meditation and working with a nutritionist to radically overhaul my lifestyle in an attempt to manage my severe premenstrual symptoms.

I had low self-worth for as long as I can remember and well into my thirties, which I only fully recognised post-kids when the stark difference between the two childbirth experiences – one in which I felt coerced and out of control and the other where I trusted myself completely, stood up for what I believed and did it all on my terms – made me realise how much of my life I’d spent shrinking myself for the comfort of others and for fear of being seen. Learning and practising TM, taking up regular exercise and eating well in an attempt to curb my hormones alongside the realisation that I didn’t really know who I was lead me on a journey to reconnect with myself.

Acknowledging my desire for true autonomy and authenticity, I made a conscious decision to connect with and listen to my intuition, find purpose and to follow the breadcrumbs laid before me.

Almost immediately upon deciding to start my own business, I found I was being made redundant from my project management role. The same week, I was offered a placement to train in coaching. Soon after I qualified, I started working with my own coach and – as I began to build my own practise – following the breadcrumbs lead me to embark on a deeper healing journey, working with spiritual counsellors, energy healers, and other modalities.

The more I unpick and address my own blocks, reconnect with myself, my personal power and sense of worth through mindset and healing work, rigorous self-care and grounding practises, the more everything clicks into place for me, personally and professionally. Which is why I’m passionate about taking a holistic and integrated approach, partnering with therapists, healers, coaches and teachers, bringing the expertise of my own trusted mentors to my clients to offer comprehensive support to propel them – in life and in business.

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what makes me different?

Whilst I believe strongly that a combination of mindset, grounding and healing work is the key foundation to creating a successful life and business, my background in project management within world-renowned design and innovation consultancies working with brands such as Unilever, PepsiCo, Dr Martens, Samsung & Barclays means I bring to the table a solid understanding of business, marketing, strategy, design and brand. Along with the rigour, creative problem solving skills and organisational wizardry of a highly-skilled and experienced project manager.

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