hey, I'm Rebecca, life and business coach and mentor.

I help women to:

  • smash self-doubt
  • see limitless potential
  • be their most magnificent selves
  • do whatever they want

I know how it feels when you’re living a life of quiet (or not so quiet) resignation; a life of dissatisfaction. I understand the impact because I’ve been there. I know all too well the sense of resentment, frustration and guilt when you’re living a life that isn’t fulfilling you; when you feel exhausted from compromising, looking after everyone else’s needs before your own; unappreciated and unsupported; a life in which you’ve lost touch with who you are. I’ve lived it.

I also know you can come out the other side, happier, more confident and more fulfilled, within the home, your relationships, your work and all aspects of your life. 

That’s why I set up my business and became a life coach for women – to help others who are just like I was – stressed out; putting themselves at the bottom of the pile; lacking in confidence, with an irrepressible sense that there must be more to life. There is!

As seen in:

my workshops, 1:1 and group programmes:

  • teach mindfulness and resilience
  • shine a light on the unconscious conditioning which holds us back
  • integrate powerful practises to develop and maintain a growth mindset
  • build confidence, personal and professional 
  • encompass highly effective productivity tools and techniques for your life and business
  • encourage self-care as a non-negotiable priority
  • leave clients feeling energised, empowered, and like anything is possible

In other words, I give women I work with the tools and support to rediscover who they are; encouraging and enabling them to actively seek out what they want and to believe that they deserve to receive it.

What makes me different as a life coach for women?

My unique life coaching approach brings together my perceptive, empathetic, yet high-energy nature, alongside my experience running my own business and a background project managing complex design and innovation projects. Which means I go deep into the mindset stuff and the strategy; getting down into the minutiae with you, problem solving as we go and encouraging bold and consistent action. I mentor clients on:

    • the nuts and bolts of setting up and running a project (in life or business – everything is a project in my eyes!)
    • flexibly responding to change
    • creative problem solving
    • negotiation and communication
    • improving balance and prioritisation
    • pricing and packaging strategy for business owners and freelancers

My wide network of contacts includes a variety of business owners, experts, therapists and healers. All of whom can offer excellent support in all facets of business and life.

1:1 clients get inclusive access to all Working Women’s Club meetups for the duration of our time together creating the chance for connection and community.

For more information head to Work with me where you can also book an intro chat.

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