rebellious realignment:
life + business coaching for restless rebels

Are you restless? Always on the go, but getting nowhere fast?

You want to make strides; you know what you want, but can’t seem to get there fast enough. 

You worry you aren’t doing enough, but you have zero spare time and don’t know how you’ll ever manage to do all “they” say you should  be doing to get to where you want to be.

The bottom line is, you don’t want to do it that way. You don’t want to compromise your life or your business.

you don't want hustle and grind; you want ease and flow.

Rebellious realignment is the answer. And that’s where I come in – to help activate your inner rebel.

I’m Rebecca Caution, a holistic life and business coach, and it’s my mission to help restless rebels write their own rules, expand into who they really are and thrive; in life and in business.

My vision is a world of empowered, unapologetic women throwing off the shackles of the status quo, finding autonomy and creating the change they want to see in the world; on a micro and macro level.


I’m here to show you the way to living your life and running your business in a way that’s uniquely and authentically yours.

Done with living your life and running your business at 100mph? Want to shift to a more spacious, conscious, courageous way of being? Together, we’ll pave the way; one that allows you to start enjoying the journey right away, whilst calling in more of what you want – more space, more clients, more joy, more money, more time. It’s all possible.

You don’t have to live your life or run your business the way anyone else does. Life does not have to be one big struggle, nor is it meant to be. Give yourself permission to realign and do it in a way that feels great to you – your way.

When we are done you won’t have “fixed your life”. Instead, and I promise you this, you’ll be living an entirely new one – the one you were always meant to be living.

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